Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Starving Artist gets FREE Burt's Bees Sensitive Skin Products

You may find this funny, annoying or plain silly but I promise you it will be honest.  I'm a BzzAgent, which means I get new products to try for FREE along with coupons and samples to share. Burt's Bees is my very first real Bzz Campaign and I want to do a good job so they'll give me more products to try.  I received a full size bottle of Burt's Bees Moisturizer and Face Cleanser for Sensitive Skin.  I have been using them for about 3 weeks now and I find them to be very comparable to Aveeno. My skin is sensitive and it has not broken my face out, as a matter of fact it feels rather smooth. It did not erase my wrinkles but it didn't promise to do that. On a grading scale 1-10, with 10 being highest, I give it an honest 9 ... I'd give it a 10 if it had a pleasant smell but there is no smell at all.

This is what they sent me Free!

You may think this a little off the mark for an Artist's Journal but I am an Artist and a Woman that likes her skin to look and feel good.  But, let's think about it ... the artistic chemistry involved in making this stuff is ART in the ultimate sense and way surpasses my ability. On second thought, a painter's mind constantly mixes hues to create values and shades of color that will portray an image or feeling.  You think I could mix a concoction to make face cleanser and cream? Nah, I'd probably blow the lab up.

(cough, cough) I wouldn't have to be a 'starving artist' if some of you would buy my artwork. (hehehe)

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