Saturday, October 4, 2014

Tweets about Where did my muse go?

Dang Muse.......... Come Back!

Okay, again today I have looked high and low for my muse.  I looked on Facebook, it's not there.  I looked on Twitter, it wasn't there.  I looked in Gmail, it didn't show up in there.  I even looked in my old AOL mail and it wasn't hiding there either.  I think someone stole it. As a matter of fact I am convinced of it.  Did you do it?

I asked Twitter and received some awesome responses.  
I just love these creative minded people.

@pluslily just suggested probably the @
Oh my, I hope the Egyptian cobra didn't get her.  Now, I am really worried. What if I never get her back?

@imaflipsidder said, "I am my own muse (amusement, that is.) ha ha. I find it by looking at the good in people. In the little things. Challenge." Oh and something about that what the imaflipsidder was all about her flip side is her muse. Now she says she's borrowing her for a while but she'll send my muse and her flipside home together! (suspicious @imafipsidder keeps changing her story)

@callmaggie said, Wow finding a Muse is tough. Look at your life & speak of things that make u light up, usually U will light someone up 2 :) (yes, I tried to trip her up too but she doesn't have it)

I just heard from  @DanicaFontaine  responding to that twitter search I did and she said. "I have her hog tied and gagged and locked in a trunk in my basement. You didnt need her today, did you? (LOL)"   I asked @DanicaFontaine to please untie her and send her home.  I told her she was supposed to help me work today but that girl will do anything to get out of work. @DanicaFontaine said she was now loafing around counting zebra stripes and cheetah spots  and busying herself trying to grow platforms and heels. Then she went on a walkabout with a painted butterfly that turned into a black widow,  Now she's all tangled up in something. Imagine that.

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