Tuesday, March 29, 2011

'Letter of Criticism' ~ Robert Henri, The Art Spirit

It appears I don't have a lot of inspiration this morning ... this is not a good thing.  What am I thinking? Today could be the perfect opportunity to meet my 'muse' head on and put the ideas in play.  Okay girl, get it together.

Today lead me to a 'Letter of Criticism' written by non other than Robert Henri to a student/friend.
         "You have gone there to find yourself.  What you have started, this thing of becoming an artist, a real one, almost every man fails at.  Few have the courage or stamina to go through the parts one has to go through alone in more ways than one.
           I don't believe in being inhuman.  I should feel sorry for the man who would not cry for company or sympathy.  The human creature must have these things, and when you can't stand it you will have to dig out and get your belly full--and then go back.
           If you go through this winter you will come out a strong man and you will be well aquainted with yourself.
           It's hard.  I shiver with the cold.  It is easy maybe to sit here and write this, seated by a steam radiator.  But I know what it is like to be in the cold and alone in both ways. .......
          You are not yet used to the weather.  You can't jump from comfort into the conditions of such life.  And then the snow is to come.  Get ready for the wonder of it, and paint like a fiend while the ideas possess you.
          ... If you paint two or three hundred canvases this winter and a dozen of them are really good and say your say of yourself, time and place, you can be happy." Robert Henri, The Art Spirit

I sit at amazement that I stumbled across this letter, what a metaphor!  It was just the kick in the pants I needed today.  The irony is, usually, I do a lot of painting in the winter but this winter has lead me to a lot of obstacles in my path. And the hurdles have been higher than I could muster the courage to jump.  But ... all this has lead me to do this blog and that, in itself, is proving to be my soul searching place in the cold.

happy creating ya'll, P. H. Original's aka/Pam Hartfield

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