Sunday, October 12, 2014

Stepping out of the Box

'I stepped WAY out of my box' and I liked it!

Often we get stuck in our ways...pretty little trees, perfect flower petals, asymmetrical always.  I stood in front of this blank canvas and said no more same ole same ole today. You know what? It was fun. 

We all remember the word fun but do we remember  how to actually  have fun? Remember the things you did as a child? Ring around the rosie, jacks, hop scotch,super mario  (threw that in to keep from giving away my age), the list is endless and if you search back you will remember that feeling. 

Today I challenge you to stand in front of your empty canvas and ring around the rosie until you all fall down then pick yourselves up and paint that feeling. The subject does not matter but the feeling will live forever. 

I found this scrolling through a social network feed. I have no clue about the author but I know I  like the message and I will leave you today with it.  

"Invite fun into your life and it will find it's way into your work." - author P.H. Original's aka Pam Hartfield


  1. ha! love this snowman! so creative! love all the colors.. your work is very nice!

  2. Very creative! I need to accept your challenge. I would love to start painting again. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you ladies! Remember no matter the medium the challenge applies...even if you are a blogger. :)

  4. You know, I really needed to hear this today! I'm going to share this with friends.

  5. ring around the rosie...i should, too... :D

  6. so cute I do believe we often never step back especially those raising children it is always about those around us and sometimes just doing something as simple as painting or playing a childrens game can bring us right back to earth.


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