Thursday, January 27, 2011

Me and a Deadman been Talking ...

 ... and we decided that sometimes its just not the right time to create.  There are days when you hold the brush in your hand, aim toward the canvas and you just know you are fixing to make a mess of things. You stroke your brush against the canvas and realize your colors are muddy and look nothing at all like your mind projected. You are aiming for a bright sun shinny day and dark clouds appear.  Lay the brush down.  Walk outside take a look at the sky and follow down to the horizon.  Touch a trees bark and feel the way it grows. Smell a flower inhaling all it is meant to be. Read a passage from your favorite artist.

" Out of it all what is good will survive and be known later;what is bad or negligible will pass and we shall have lived." Robert Henri, The Art Spirit

enough said today ... I'm headed for a walk through nature.

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