Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Hate to Blow My Own Horn but ... Beep - Beep!

Lemons to Lemoande- Pam Hartfield
 Ah, the sweet taste of lemonade.  I was late going to bed night before last and happened to glance at my phone, saw I had an "@mention" on twitter. I opened it and to my surprise I had been re-blogged! Some of you might think that would have been a little scary but trust me I was ecstatic! Thomas Rice at has a blog where he writes about other blogs worth mentioning (that's me, toot-toot) and I fell in very good company with the Bloggers he has on his list. Take a look at his page and check out some of the things he has going on. Click on this direct link to see what he writes about.
P.H. Originals Journal of an Artist 

An artist lives hoping some one will discover their works and I don't mind admitting, "I am no exception."  Re-blog me all you want as long as you use my stuff with taste and don't degrade me or the contents of my page.  I believe in God, Family and Country so do not use me or my things to promote junk without morals ...  " If you do I will haunt you til the end of the earth."

Happy creating everyone and thanks again to Thomas Rice @aaacomsdotcom on twitter.

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