Friday, March 25, 2011

I hope to be scared soon :/

531 × 390 - Robert Henri, Girl Seated by the Sea, 1893
16 x 20 - Pam Hartfield, Path to the Sea
 Imagine a world where you sit on top of the Ferris Wheel and never feel the slightest shiver or get the feeling you could fall.  What if you never felt a little eerie entering a haunted house or after you've climbed the mountain not been a little afraid to peek over the edge? Ever peered out at the vastness of the Ocean and wondered what creature looms away from the shoreline, but gasped at the beauty and intrigued by it all?

 In the words of our infamous Robert Henri, "Everybody who has any respect for painting feels scared when he starts a new canvas.  A person who has never been afraid has no imagination.

A GREAT painter will know a great deal about how he did it, but still he will say, "How did I do it?"  The real artist's work is a surprise to himself." Robert Henri, The Art Spirit

I'll buy that! I have yet to touch a new canvas when my hand didn't quiver just a bit. I bite my lip and say a little prayer.  I have even been known to whisper to myself, "It's okay me and God have this."  It's when a painting goes astray and lends itself to some form that has no recollection of realness that I whisper again, "Lord, where did I go wrong?"

I'll leave you with these thoughts to ponder today ...  GET SCARED PEOPLE and paint. (imagine the fear in me when I clicked the button posting Henri's seashore beside mine)


  1. Pam, Thanks for following my blog Beautyinmyworld. It lead me to your which I find very interesting!!!
    Jocelyn T. Bichard

  2. Jocelyn, thank you so much for following me back. I need followers really bad. I guess time will take care of that. :) Good luck to you and have a great day.

  3. I love your painting Path to the sea, really beautiful.
    believe it or not, I used to paint and sell my work, the only brush i pick up now is to sweep the kitchen floor!
    After reading your blog I am feeling inspired again

  4. not a celebrity mum, if my post inspired you then I did my job for today! Happy painting and let me know when you start your new works. i would love to see some of the old ones too!


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