Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm not Famous but I'd Like to be ...

Yes, that's me non-famous Artist Pam Hartfield.  Wonder what it would be like to really be famous?  Never mind being rich!  I could paint until my hearts content, start a school for all those who really want to paint and can't afford to buy the supplies.  The list would be endless.  I can see it now P.H. Original's aka/Pam Hartfield up in lights with cameras flashing and journalist asking questions.  I wonder how many times I would stumble over my own feet walking that red carpet?  We all know I shoot from the hip when I have something to say so I assume they would just love to quote me saying something utterly stupid ... but then again that's part of my charm don't you think? ;)

On to a more serious note about someone who was famous in his own time, Robert Henri.

Robert Henri, Gertrude Venderbilt Whitney, 1916
"A work of art is not a copy of things.  It is inspired by nature but must not be a copying of the surface.  Therefore what is commonly called "finish" may not be finish at all.

You have to make your statement of what is sential to you-an innate reality, not a surface reality.  You handle surface appearances as compositional factors to express a reality that is beyond superficial appearances.  You choose things seen and use them to phrase your statement." Robert Henri/ The Art Spirit

"In other words if you want a picture buy a camera." Pam Hartfield/non-famous artist

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