Friday, December 24, 2010

It's Christmas Eve, ugh!

In My Shop/Studio
It's Christmas Eve and the threat of snow, in the south, is on the air.  A very rare occasion, especially at Christmas.  I personally don't care much for snow.  I never have.  I usually get into a serious funk and become a recluse in the winter but I seem to do a lot of painting during that time.  Usually a snow scene or some  rendition of a still life.  I definitely have the winter blues. I am sure when I put a fresh canvas on my easel and squeeze out a fresh palette of paint that something will pop into mind and the brush I'll hold in my hand will apply stroke after stroke until something wonderfully strange starts to appear.  For today I will not worry about the chill in my bones or the 2 coats I will wear, because it's Christmas.  A child's laughter fills the air and people are smiling everywhere. (yeah right)

Do you ever wonder just how fake those smiles are? I mean really ... give me a break.  I am tired of shopping, tired of people brushing against me in the stores, running into my buggy with their buggy.  I mean HELLO, you are spending all this time and money to make someone in your life believe you are full of Christmas Spirit and you can't even manage a simple EXCUSE ME? Give me a break I am tired of rude people, screaming kids and a messy house.

That's all for now. Oh, and Merry Christmas Ya'll.

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